Beauty | Black Mask!*

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Black Mask .. Nevada Natural Products

The charcoal mask hype has been going around for a long time and of course, I am interested in all things beauty and am even willing to try things here and there..

Anyways, I head to the store in search of charcoal and I asked the lady there and she pointed me to this product.. There was only one left.. I didn't even read the package, I saw a black mask and aloe and thought I was good to go.. Guwrlll.. ain't no damn charcoal in this.. I was too hyped and didn't even bother to check..

Now, let me tell you.. There's no need for no damn charcoal either.. This thing does IT.. Don't get me wrong, if I find a charcoal mask on this island I'll still try it.. But this mask is LIFE! It's supposed to be whitening, it's supposed to minimize the appearance of blemishes, moisturize and soften the skin.. Chile, it does ALL of the above.. Every single time! 

Products tend to stop working for me as my skin gets used to them but not this one.. I've been using this product for a couple of months now.. I was waiting to see if it would stop working for me before I reviewed it but it hasn't and I've stocked up! 

I use it about once a week and I can't recommend it enough.. If you also live on the island, I bought it at DA in SaliƱa.. Are there any beauty products you love? Please share!



Outfit | Stacked!*

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Sunglasses .. Quay Australia | Necklaces .. Be'Jeweled & Bershka | Top .. Shana | Clutch .. Mango | Jeans .. Shana | Sandals .. Pull & Bear

I live for this but it's heavy AF.. Stacked necklaces that is.. I love it, it makes the most simple of outfits pop.. But my, oh my.. It can be so freaking heavy.. With this look it's even kind of toned down.. I love it, heavily stacked but I'd probably have to pick my neck from the floor..

It never gets old to me, with blouses, t-shirts, even a simple dress.. A necklace can make such an impact.. And because I love to buy them as separates, you can make endless combinations..

So, if you're out of ideas on how to make your outfit stand out, try stacking some necklaces et voila!*



Outfit | Gingham dress & lace up sandals!*

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Sunglasses .. Ray-Ban | Dress .. Shana | Bag .. Bershka | Sandals .. Aldo

Some patterns seem to come and go.. Gingham seems to be trendy but has actually been around since forever.. In all fairness it's not super easy to style but I surely do like the way it looks.. I think it's a matter of finding it on the right item.. Blair Eadie Bee from Atlantic Pacific has been styling gingham and many other patterns to perfection since forever and I always look to her for inspiration.. 

This Shana dress, in this particular color was giving me all the vibes.. I cinched the waist with a belt to give myself a bit more shape and I really liked how it looked with the lace up sandals, if I may say so myself.. Anyways, don't shy away from pattern, try it, you might love it!*



Outfit | Crop Top & High Waist Leggings!*

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Cap .. New Era | Sunglasses .. Quay Australia | Crop Top .. Shana | Bralet .. Primark | Leggings .. Shana | Sneakers .. Isabel Marant | Bag .. Ebay

There is so much art on the island and I am absolutely living for it.. The first time I spotted that they had revamped this area in Otrobanda, I got so excited! I couldn't stop at that moment to check it out but I made sure to go back and capture it.. 

It was possible to go inside but I think I'll go once more.. I really liked the art and the fact that it was mostly black and white.. There are so many murals done, it's surely worth a visit..

I included a shot of the art explanation and credits, if you're interested, make sure to check them out!



Outfit | Ruffle Dress & RayBans!*

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Sunglasses .. Ray-Ban | Dress .. Shana | Slides .. H&M

You ever like an item but you're not sure about how to style it?.. That was the case with this dress.. I loved the color, loved the girly ruffles but when I put it on I was missing something to make it more me.. Girlfriend added a belt and ca-ching!.. I stood in the fittingroom like 'yaaaassss guwrlll'.. I liked it more with the belt hidden but with the right belt on top I'm sure it will look just as fabulous!*

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